The Island of the sun and good wine “Sicily”

6 January 2020
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Sicily is well known as “The Island of the Sun“, rich in natural beauty, parks and nature reserves, with brightly colored beaches, blue and crystalline sea, today it is increasingly attentive and appreciated for its gastronomic and oenological excellence.
The mild winters and hilly terrains that have allowed it to become the Italian region with the highest wine heritage giving rise to excellent quality wines, full-bodied reds and robust, and whites with intense and elegant aromas and flavors.
Land of ancient history, traditions and legends. It is said that the vine sprouted for the first time right on this island, from the tears of the thirsty god Dionisio; Thus was born the wine, net of the gifts given to men to cheer their senses and lighten their efforts.
Among the wines produced in Sicily the wines of Etna, the first Sicilian wine and get the DOC become more and more known and appreciated.
The appearance of the vine (over 1000 m.), The particularity of the volcanic soil and the temperature changes give the wines an absolute finesse and a subtle and spicy scent that makes it unique and special able to dare an unforgettable holiday flavor.

If you like good wine, you cannot miss the opportunity to taste these wines with a unique flavor. Book your excursion and have fun together !!!

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