Etna in eruption conquers NASA

L’Etna con l’ultima eruzione di adesso diventa la regina delle web cam del 2021

Etna, with the last eruption of now, becomes the queen of the webcam of 2021 Etna is always defined as the highest active volcano in Europe; it is persistent when its activity creates images and unique beauty scenarios that enchant and leave everyone breathless in front of the majestic and impetuous force of nature, as is happening these days.

Etna is in eruption, and the whole world is watching, through the many shots taken, the incredible scenery it gave life. Thus the image of Etna on a webcam becomes one of the most researched in the world.

Another adjective with which this volcano, a symbol of Sicily, is often defined is ‘Good Giant.’ In 2021, with the strongest eruption of the last 13 years, it again proved that it is not causing particular damage, if not the Catania airport’s short closure.

Recent explosive activity has created a kilometer-high wall of lava leaking from the Southeast crater. From Taormina, you could perfectly see this burning fire splashing into the sky-colored by a thousand shades of red; anyone who has been lucky enough to see it, we are sure, was enchanted to observe it for a while.

It was difficult to look away from that beautiful and scary image, which has now made Etna the queen of all news sites on the planet. Even NASA dedicates to her the Astronomy Picture of the Day (the day’s astronomical image), which portrays the volcano immortalized by a shot by Giuseppe Vella Sicilian photographer.

Rainews reports the words of the writer that he told how that shot was born that makes him proud to have been published and quoted by NASA:

Monitoravo da tanto l’Etna per assistere ad un bel parossismo e ad un tratto, verso le 9 di sera, è iniziata una leggera attività sul vulcano. Senza pensarci troppo ho affrontato un viaggio di 300 km per assistere a questo spettacolo. Purtroppo giunto a destinazione la notte tra il 16 e il 17 febbr aio l’attività era terminata, ma continuava a regalare emozioni con la sua lava ben visibile. Di corsa ho preso l’attrezzatura e ho iniziato a scattare. Una sera molto gelida, un cielo spettacolare e le meteore hanno fatto il resto per creare questa immagine

I had been monitoring Etna for a long time to witness a beautiful frenzy, and suddenly, around 9 in the evening, a little activity on the volcano began. Without overthinking, I took a 300 km journey to witness this show.

Unfortunately, it arrived at its destination on the night between 16 and 17 February; the activity was over, but it continued to give emotions with its visible lava. I ran; I grabbed the equipment and started shooting. A freezing evening, a spectacular sky, and the meteors did the rest to create

© Giuseppe Vella – Una immagine dell’Etna selezionata da Astronomy Picture of the Day della NASA

As the Agi reports, under the NASA photo, you can read:

“L’Etna è in eruzione da centinaia di migliaia di anni. Situato in Sicilia, il vulcano produce fontane di lava alte oltre un chilometro”.
Non è solo uno dei vulcani più attivi dell’Europa, “è uno dei più grandi, misura oltre 50 chilometri alla sua base e si innalza per quasi 3 chilometri di altezza.
Nella foto in eruzione il mese scorso, un pennacchio di lava si eleva verso l’alto, mentre la lava scorre verso l’esterno del vulcano.
Probabili tracce satellitari appaiono sopra, mentre antiche stelle punteggiano il cielo in lontananza. Questa eruzione vulcanica è stata così forte che gli aeroporti vicini sono stati chiusi per impedire agli aerei di volare attraverso il pericoloso pennacchio”. (

“Etna has been erupting for hundreds of thousands of years. Located in Sicily, the volcano produces lava fountains over a kilometer high.”

It is not only one of the most active volcanoes in Europe, “it is one of the largest, measuring over 50 kilometers at its base and rising nearly 3 kilometers high. In the photo erupting last month, a plume of lava increases. Probable satellite traces appear above, as ancient stars dot the sky in the distance. Fly through the dangerous plume. “.


An irresistible sight even if the pistils and ash have created a lot of annoyance to neighboring countries and miles away.
Despite everything, many wanted to dedicate a thought created with imagination to different shots of the volcano. Here is one published on Facebook after the seventh outbreak of ‘his majesty,’ as stated in the photo’s caption.

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