Three reasons why Etna is your next ideal destination.

Those who love to travel know that choosing the destination of your next trip is not at all easy: to feel satisfied with your vacation and to live a wonderful experience to the full, it is not only important to choose the right season, the place to stay in an ideal location and to have followed a good itinerary, but to choose the right place at the right time of your life. Every destination has an age when it deserves more than all the others to be visited. A suitable moment of our life that allows us to breathe, understand, and feel the soul of the place and feel part of it.
But then, how can it be said with certainty that there are 3 reasons why an excursion to Mount Etna is exactly what you need!? Let’s find out right now:

1) Touch the sky with a finger
There is no such thing as the right age to feel like you’re in the right place when you feel like you can touch the sky with your finger while staring at the sea on the horizon.
Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe at 3330 meters. Many of the excursions that are made with a guide in the north side arrive at about 2000 mt, offering a breathtaking view after a small trekking path in the undergrowth of the volcano, admire the sky and the sea that blend together will be one of the most beautiful souvenirs of your vacations.

2)The allure of the black lava desert.
While you are inside the car driving up Etna, you will be presented with a unique scenario. First, dense flora lines the road through the forest. It is so beautiful that you don’t have to be a nature lover to spend most of the trip peering out the window admiring that view. Then, all of a sudden, the immensity of the volcano shows itself almost violently, with an immense black desert of lava. Everything takes on the color of ash, of the lava fire now extinguished and it seems to be in a timeless place. Where the only discordant note is the road you are driving along, which curve after curve seems like a snake that wraps around the volcano.

3)Feeling almost like a hero while walking on a crater.
Well, how many of you can say you’ve walked on a crater? And how many of you can say you’ve done it in Europe’s highest active volcano?
On the north side, during the excursion on Etna, you can visit the so-called Sartorius Mount: a bottoniera of 7 consecutive craters. An image that well describes the eruptive power of the volcano! Although heroic in reality, there is very little as the tours take place in total safety, the power of the volcano is so strong and magnetic that even you will feel it flowing within you.

If you are thinking of venturing into this magnificent experience, there is another ‘tip’ for you:
At the foot of Mount Etna, near Taormina, there is another place with magical scenery that deserves to be visited. These are the gorges, obviously created by the volcano, so old that we don’t know when called the Alcantara Gorges. What awaits you in this place is a real adventure.
With the excursion to Mount Etna and the Alcantara Gorges what awaits you is an unforgettable day.

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