Etna tour

Etna tour

Etna is known in Sicily as “a Muntagna” is the highest active volcano in Europe and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year it amazes us with fantastic eruptions that leave the whole world breathless.

Inside the park of Etna, you can do many activities such as trekking on the craters, you can take a horseback ride in the woods or an excursion quad, in winter you can also ski, while on the horizon you can see the sea, as you can imagine each of these adventures is unique and unforgettable.

If you want to visit Etna it is important to know that:

– it is always recommended to wear layered clothing and shoes suitable for walking on rock.
– it is very important to follow the marked trails and not to venture into off-path walks.
– rely on experienced people allows you to have fun and discover in total safety the most hidden corners of the volcano.
– enjoy the show that nature has given us and reciprocate by respecting it, leaving everything clean.

Photo Etna activity

Our Etna tour

Discovering fascinating volcanic phenomena by walking through centuries-old woods, eccentric craters, and singular lava formations of Etna.

Experience the thrill of discovering the highest active volcano in Europe with the team of MrExcursions!

Duration tour: about 5 hours

Come and discover the highest active volcano in Europe and Unesco heritage and taste all the best flavors from this impressive volcano.

A unique excursion awaits you in the name of adventure, relaxation, nature, and good taste.

Duration tour: about 7 hours

Live a unique and timeless experience discovering Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe and a Unesco heritage site.

Let yourself be fascinated by the wonderful rock formations of the canyon located in Alcantara park.

Duration tour: about 7 hours

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