Etna top craters

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An anforgetble experience is waiting you!

The MrExcursions Team will guide you above the clouds to discover and admire breathtaking scenery in pristine environments, surrounded by a landscape that only on top of the highest active volcano in Europe you can admire.

Let yourself be carried away by the strong emotions and the charm of a timeless land.

The summit craters represent the central area of the volcanic activity, through which the persistent fumarole activity of Etna is explored and at more or less regular time intervals are home to explosive events of various types and energy such as: Strombolian activities, fountains of lava, expulsion of conduit obstructions, water activities, etc., which continuously modify its morphology.

To reach the top will be necessary to make a 2 hours trek starting from 2900 m.s.l.m. on fresh lava soil, with a high level of inclination until reaching the top. Everything is organized in such a way as to make the experience more than safe and allow you to fully enjoy the sensations and emotions that an inimitable experience like this can give you with its views that you will never forget.

You just have to book and we can only wish you good fun!

Photos of the Excursion Trekking Etna


The Experience will take place as follows

  • One of our drivers will come to take you comfortably to your accommodation
  • Arrival at Rifugio Sapienza, 1900 meters altitude
  • Ascent by cable car up to 2900 m s.l.m. Accompanied by Vulcanological Guides – Alpine
  • Ascent of about 2 hours on foot up to 3.300m on fresh lava soil with final inclinations up to 36 degrees.
  • Depending on the volcanic activity and the wind direction the guide will make you look out over the various summit craters.
  • After the tour of the summit begins the descent on a sandpit overlooking the various lava flows of the last years.
  • After several stops to visit the lava tunnels, you return to the cable car station at 2,500m.
  • From here you can decide to get off comfortably by cable car to return to 1.900m, for a total journey time of about 4 hours. Otherwise you continue with the descent on foot along the Valle del Bove, taking about 1-2 hours more, for a total of 5-6 hours.
  • One of our drivers will take you comfortably to your accommodation.

What do you need to bring?

Comfortable shoes, preferably Trekking

Clothing suitable for temperatures in altitude

Where is it the Trekking on Etna?

contatta il nostro team

Additional information

Numero di personeMin 4
PREZZO BAMBINI129€ da 4 a 8 anni

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