Half day Etna excursion

dreamstime_xxl_107144973-min-300x200 Half day Etna excursion

Enjoy Europe’s most active volcano with Mr Excursions! Our tours are professional and fun, but at the same time always putting your safety above everything else. We offer unforgettable tours and excursions to nature lovers, families, and to everybody who is interested in discovering the stunning Sicilian natural surroundings, wonderful Sicilian food, culture, history, and tradition.

Our itinerary will guide you to explore the most fabulous beauties around Mt. Etna, which dominates the eastern side of Sicily. This tour will guide you through lava fields, spectacular views, the breath-taking landscape of Europe’s highest volcano. You will enjoy a very special day!

During this exciting and adventurous trip, we will climb and explore the Monti Sartorius (ancient craters formed during the 1865. They owe their name to the scientist Sartorius Von Waltershausen, who was among the first to try to catalog the main eruptions of the ‘Etna).

After moving to the cave of Thieves is a small tunnel of lava flow that opens in a

prehistoric cast in the locality of Piano delle Donne

We will conclude the morning by visiting the recent lava flows of 2002 and 2003, which completely destroyed Piano Provenzana.

Finally…we will reach the mountain shelter and eat delicious local food in total relax.

Hike deep into the wilderness, watch for wildlife, and learn about the fascinating natural and cultural history of Sicily!




The Experience will take place as follows:

  1.  Our driver  will come to pick up you at your accommodation
  2. From Piano Provenzana we will reach the bottoniera of Monte Sartorius
  3. Trekking on the ancient Sartorius Mounts’ craters, extinct craters that erupted in 1865
  4. Guided tour of Grotta dei Ladroni
  5. Packed lunch or a set lunch menu
  6. Our driver will drop you off at your accommodation

What you need to bring with you:

  •  Comfortable shoes, preferably trekking shoes
  • Suitable sportswear

Hiking and trekking on Mount Etna: where the guided excursion will take place


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Numero di personeMin 2
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