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We will help you discover the beauties of the place and the tour that best suits your needs: are you looking for an excursion for families? Ideal for those who want to enjoy a trip out in total safety. Or you are thinking of an adventure tour, the best choice for those who are always looking for strong emotions. Not to forget the organized excursion, useful for closely admiring every corner of the entire Sicilian territory.

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About Us

Vittorio and Sabrina are the two guys who transformed their dream into MrExcursions. A dream that comes from a deep love for their land and that has become bigger and more intense thanks to the many years they have lived away from home. “It was nice, really very nice to have traveled the world, but with each trip it became clearer and clearer that no place for us would be as beautiful as our ‘bedda’ Sicily.” In life when you LOVE something you have to have the courage to chase your heart. And this is how Vittorio and Sabrina decided to make their passion become a job. They began to tell and show everyone the wonders that make their land unique, thanks to guided tours where the watchwords are FUN and ADVENTURE. This is the mission of the MrExcursions team: to demonstrate that everything that their island has does not exist anywhere else in the world and to show everyone how easy it is to fall in love with these places full of so much beauty. Everyone knows the famous and renowned Taormina: a jewel set in a cliff overlooking the sea between Isola Bella and Etna. And it doesn’t end there: what you will discover with us is that Taormina is much, much more. The history of Sicily is ancient, the legends are many and fascinating. The flavors of this place are an intertwining of the sun-scorched earth that shines almost all year round and ‘u scruscio du seas’ that bathes and caresses the island. We can’t wait to accompany you on this magnificent journey and experience every single adventure with you! And if you haven’t believed our words yet, come and check everything for yourself!

Safety - passion - professionalism

Our expert guides

Escursione da Taormina Guida Vittorio


Guide and founder
escursioni da Taormina Sabrina backoffice


Founder and backoffice
Escursione da Taormina guide Alcantara Davide - Andrea - Salvo


Water activity instructors at the Alcantara gorges
Excursion from Taormina with Donkey


Donkey tour guide
Excursion from Taormina Peppe the captain


The captain of the boat
Excursion from Taormina Biagio volcanological guide

Biagio The captain of the boat

The volcanological guide
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